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1. Do I have to use a special tool to add R134a to my auto A/C?41
Yes. You should use a tool named as "R134a recharge tool/hose/kit", and follow the instructions on it. You can buy it in the automotive accessories stores or supermarkets.
2. How to shake the can during the charging?48
3. Can I hold the upside down while charging?49
4. What's the purity of SpeedSteed Refrigerant R134a?54
5. Can I use R134a in my tractor ?53
6. How to deal with can with redundant R134a?52
7. How to conver from lb(pound) to oz(ounce)?51
8. Which lubricant I can add,POE or PAG?50
9. Is there any oil or sealant in the R134a?37
10. What to do if R134a contact my skin?45
11. What to do if R134a contact my eye?46
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  Do I have to use a special tool to add R
  How to shake the can during the charging
  Can I hold the upside down while chargin
  What's the purity of SpeedSteed Refriger
  Can I use R134a in my tractor ?
  How to deal with can with redundant R134
  How to conver from lb(pound) to oz(ounce
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